Do you “just wanna dance with somebody?” Then come and rock it out and sweat all your cares away with this NYC style dance cardio class that will challenge your heart rate and endurance while having an absolute blast! You will learn 3-4 Dance Cardio dances in the course of 50 mins with the added bonus of specific themed athletic challenges.


Jumping and jiving is great, but when you get to experience it on a trampoline its even better! Get a great cardio workout in with this low impact, high intensity fun class that will leave you wanting MORE! Its great for individuals with lower back issues, poor lymphatic system and fibromyalgia. Check out the video below to see what the class is really like….


Sculpt & Lift Classes

Total Body:

HIT the TOTAL BODY in 50 min, with this HIIT, athletic style training class that will leave you sweating and invigorated.

Upper Body:

ARMS, BACK, SHOULDERS, CORE…get it tight and lifted in 50 mins.

Lower Body:

LEGS, GLUTES & CORE…get it tight and lifted in 50mins.